21st Century

Eco and Health sustainability
Intelligent Education beyond borders
Creativity, Intelligence and Innovation

Investments in Intelligent Developments, Eco and Health Sustainability, Advance Education, and Smart Innovation Will Pay Great Dividends in a Better Future for All.


Challenging the known and embracing the unknown


Agenda Eco21c Eco and Heath Sustainability, Intelligent Education, Creative and innovative initiatives beyond borders.
Developing Global Superbrain Intelligent Teams
High performance multidisciplinary coherent global leaderships.

Highly Ethical, Eco-friendly, Intelligent, Innovative Creative Teams.
21st century open-minded thinkers, doers and visionary team oriented coherent people challenging the known and embracing the unknown.


Creating a sustainable favourable background for the 21st century better future, adding vital values, improving conseptual understanding and prudent source and core learning goherence of actual engagement in practice with, some of the global challenges and problematic issues affecting and likely to affect more humanity health, ethics, intelligence, creativity, education and environmental development, impact lives and society susceptibility now and in the coming years.

The ultimate goal of advancing awareness and global dialog through public educational outreach and forecasting, scenarios and other driven multidisciplinary researc, metacognitive foresight studying the future is to make it better. Trends, forecasts, and ideas about the future enable organisations to spot opportunities and threats while there’s still time to act with regard to accelerating processes of change.

Globaly distributed - Locally connected enterprises

Australia, Bulgaria and Germany globally founded "ABG Open Eco-health" contributory NPO/NGO open foundation dedicated to 21st Century Eco-Eko-Era SuperBrain Multidisciplinary Fusion Teams training sustainable education and leadership in practice long-term projects. The global level of initiatives and activities are being developed to address priority areas in each of the different levels of 21st Century education and training.


The long-term strategic objectives of SuperBrain Teams Education and Training policies are:

  • Making SuperBrain coherent teams lifelong learning and mobility a reality;
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of early childhood education and training;
  • Promoting equity, social cohesion and active young people global citizenship growth and leadership practices;
  • Enhancing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship open peer learning activities at all levels of super-brain teams education and training.

The educational dimension of the socio-economy and opportunity

Growing and developing FRUIT TREES AND FRUITFUL KIDS FOR LIFE Mamadomia movement is not just about fruits,trees, foods, babies, kids, talents, arts, creativity or the environment development and growth. It is all about going with, within and throughout The 21st Century Domain of Motions and Flows of Life Itself initiated projects. It is about humanity health, intelligence and green ecology sustainability, procreation, development and growth in actual real life GO, DO and BE practice. It is about at any age being young, more and more actively alive, healthy, intelligent, creative and prosperous, responsible citizens of the planet Earth.

Creativity and Innovation, Intelligence and Pro-Creation

Emerging concepts and ideas of 21st century in practice.

Mamadomia Group of NGO and NPO organisations are operating globaly within the domains of health, education, nature and environment emerging practices as open source and core oriented international humanitarian Eco-Health formation within the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, WTO and other international projects agreements, resolutions and ethical codes.

There is virtually an "educational revolution" in global 21st century ethical motion creating a favourable background for the 21 century humanity future. The world socio-economic and ecological environments is entering a century zone of turbulence and unpredictable Global Eco-Health and Bio Securities events. And naturally, this transactional period will be long and painful to address common challenges such as: ageing societies, skills deficits among the workforce, and global competition. There is no need to harbour any illusions here, but to cultivate and grow Highly Ethical, Independent, Critical and Creative thinking new young generations.

Implementing a large-scale, long-term team projects in practice

The SuperBrain teams young business elite will get an excellent fair opportunity in the coming decades. They can manage a new generation of open private and public fair foundations of corporations that will pool the money of tens and hundreds of thousands of other bright people and superbrain teams on the global stock market. These open source corporations are open global foundations. They don’t have an individual local ownerships, which makes them firm and resistant to local corruption, linkage to officials’ and banks elite interests.

Multidisciplinary talents, intelligence and interculturality open eco-health, bio and hitech arts, science and practices of coherent leadership superbrain open trust cohesion teams training; through and within a real time and actual practice collective brain teams training, eco-eko-era research and education.

Young People, Youths, Mums & Kids Superbrain Leadership Cohesion Teams Training. Multilingual, multidisciplinary and multicultural teaching, research and education evolutionary hitech innovative harmonious multinational integration, to devote their talents, skills, abilities and ethics to:

Advance Lifelong learning Education , Health and Environment
Enhance Arts, Science, Creativity , Innovation and Open Imagination, and Utilise Multiple Creativity, Ingenuity, High Ehicts and Cultures for

21 century civilization global health and well-being in the context of social economic and ecologic roundtable strengthening superbrain leadership coherent teams. To produce more quality young leadership teams as matter of hi-consciousness function and dedication to honor health, nature and humanity prosperity.

To foster value added young people leadership teams training education, encouraging teams of super-brain individuals to reflect on the socio-economic ideals and visions that define society well-being professional challenges and innovation, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for designing, implementing and acting on critical 21 century humanitarian issues.

21 CENTURY Planetary Network Challenges Explored

Global Youth Leadership is not an option - it's our responsibility

Young People & Kids SocioEconomic SuperBrain Teams Envoy Program, aimed at utilising natural talents, artificial intelligence, scientific and technological partnerships in the world to help meet global challenges in health, energy, the environment and water and resource management. Utilising strategic leadership, creative thinking and innovative planning towards a desired future for 21 century schools and schooling methodology; building the breadth and depth of leadership in global multinational & multicultural organisations coherence.

Young leadership summits and camps in real time and place training practice which help super-brain teams participants reflect on what makes a good society, thereby deepening ideas and knowledge, broadening visionary perspectives and enhancing their abilities capacity to solve the problems 21 century leaders face.

Young-leader super-brain fellowships teams around the globe, which bring a selected teams of proven leaders together for an intense multi-disciplinary programs and practical commitment. The young fellows become better leaders and apply their talents and skills to significant SocioEconomic and Environmental Challenges.

21 Century Timeless Treaty

Global Youth Leadership is not an option - it's our responsibility

The 21 century multi-national and multi-cultural treaty world is based more and more on mutual ethnic co-interdependence. Where the environment, education, and health resources are the initial fundamental areas for trans-disciplinary multi-socio-economic Young People Leadership global integration.

Young People, Mums & Kids Health and Well-being Open World Beyond Borders is priority AAA and number one unit for education, science, inovation, arts and culture.
Everything else is number two.

Young People Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned.

Young Leaders are made to translate 21 century open world vision into actual global reality. Open up new 21C vistas initiatives to influence opportunity of effecting socio-economics change; And in so doing we all should strive to expand the zone of peace and prosperity in the world which is the necessary foundation for a stable international socio-economic and trade systems in which Young People Superbrain Leadership Teams could be fruitfully exercised.

Young People Strategic Learning Journey Mapping

Yes, Young People are part of the world leadership.

Young Leadership Cohesion Teams training is the open door to successful socio-economic and ecological efforts. The key to 21 century teams development is conducting coherent youthfulness, openness and global responsibilities effective courses of actions while making tough decisions.

New WWW TLD Internet Zone .AAA for Young people and kids, to Interact, Learn and Play online and have the Freedoms to be Young.

Mamadomia group is supporting, sponsoring and initiating OpenDuma consortium global dialogue initiative that invite participation for New WWW TLD Internet Youth Environment Zone (.AAA ) independent open web zone for young people focusing on global edu-projects, collaborative youth media friendship, partnership and social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Encouraging Great Ideas

TransTelematics | Socio-technology for education

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Global Social Responsibility

Dear, Mothers, fathers, grandparents, young people and kids, groups, nations, cultures and other organisations. Trans Connected Global Young People have potential to exercise local self and global direction, to learn, accept and seek responsibility. Creativity, ingenuity, and imagination are widely distributed among the young population. Young People, Youths and Kids are capable of using these abilities to solve global, socio-economic and enviromental organizational problems.

Young people, youths and kids seek security above all else. And the 21 Century Open Young People Leadership Collaborative Online Teamwork is as natural as kids play and rest.

As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon indicated ‘Investments in Young People Will Pay Great Dividends in a Better Future for All

Young people are gifted with open minds and a keen awareness of emerging trends, and are bringing their energy, ideas and courage to some of the most complex and important challenges facing the human family. They often understand better than older generations that we can transcend our religious and cultural differences in order to reach our shared goals. They are standing up for the rights of oppressed peoples, including those who suffer discrimination based on gender, race and sexual orientation. They are confronting sensitive issues in order to stop the spread of fundamentalism. And they are often the leading proponents of sustainability and green lifestyles.

And the new TLD internet zone .AAA for young people and kids, global initiative is essential internet environmental core priority number 1 for the young people and kids and the new generations of youth power empowerment, development and prosperity.

We believe that any young person, youth and kid with innovative ideas, commitment and vision for a social, technological, economical and ecological change should have a chance to emerge as an open social entrepreneur and create lasting impact through solving global challenges.

The Mamadomia TLD .AAA zone youth enterprise is equipping future generations to make a lasting positive impact on our world. And young people, youths, mums and kids Recognition, Achievement, Advancement, Growth, Responsibility and socio-economic and environmental Challenges.

The .AAA young people zone empowered by technology is untapped resource and core priority AAA.
It is youth meaningful social web and educational internet environmental priority AAA.
It is our social activism Collective Social Responsibility Priority AAA beyond measure.

Please, Let go the ignorance and Let go the old delusions and other social justice issues.
The Internet is integrated part of the young people and kids environment and That's how it is .

Please, take your stand in action to speak for the young people and kids prosperity.
Say it straight. Say it openly. Say it with passion to be heard localy and globaly.
Do it now globaly in a measured and responsible manner.

Please feel free to translate, distribute and share the content through your good deed for the good of all young.

Global OpenDuma Consortium Dialogue is open to everyone and everywhere.

  The young people project AAA is
  dedicated to: Electronic Prometheus,
  Building schools

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